NewGovernance table sessions

New Governance table sessions

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NewGovernance is developing a network with NewGovernance table sessions. Each and every sector deals with their own unique reputation issues and deals with different external factors. The NewGovernance table sessions provide the directors and decision-makers the opportunity to gather with their professional colleagues and talk about strategic reputation management.

In a confidential setting, a maximum of 8-10 directors from the same sector, can explore the meaning of reputation management within their sector. In order to do so the Reputation Model Hofkes and NewGovernance is explained. The sessions are organized and guided by NewGovernance’s professionals. After three sessions the participants can name themselves New Directors.
The following themes are discussed during the NewGovernance table sessions:


    • What is the difference between working on your image and working on a good reputation?
    • To what extent is your company connected to its outer environment?
    • What is meant with the outer environment?
    • Reputation contains perception building, what reputation do you currently have and what would you like it to be?
    • To what extent does your PR and communication influence your reputation?


The first NewGovernance table sessions took place in 2011. Next you will find references of our very first participants:

The NewGovernance table sessions creates a feeling of safety and security because you are with professional colleagues and all know the sector very well.”


People do not always confide in you because they could be in a dependent position. However, at the table sessions, your professional colleagues give you feedback, which has a very refreshing effect.”